My goal is to improve the chinchilla herd/bloodlines in
ebony, standard (grey with white belly), beige and mosaic (white with standard markings) 
with only the best stock.
These are the sweetest creatures that are also meticulously clean and cheerful.  
When my first girl Sophie went straight to my heart, it wasn't surprising that more joined the family.    

Terry started out as a licensed veterinary technician at a primary surgical clinic, treating everything from cats and dogs with the occasional tiger and lemur thrown in.  Terry met our first dog before moving to Texas, an Akita named "Red", a beautiful sesame Akita, that would be Terry's obedience companion.  So started Terry and Greg's now "many" years with various animals and Greg's title of "Noah".  While we no longer show dogs; we are active in the dog world. 
Sale Terms - we've established these terms to help keep everything "upfront" on the purchase of our chinchillas. 
I believe that misunderstandings cause the most difficulties with any purchase.

- I breed my chinchillas to further the the quality of my chinchillas and do so on their schedule.  Chinchillas are bonded to their mate so set their own
  breeding schedule. Chinchillas do not make good housemates for very young children as they are quick and grabbing/squeezing (of any kind) them can 
  easily damage their rib cage and injure them.  While chinchillas don't mind being held and love companionship, most chinchillas prefer to sit on your 
  shoulder rather than to be "cuddled".  My chinchillas are handled/played with daily as are the babies and all the adults are my personal pets. 
- Due to delays in updating the website - we retain the right to withdrawal and/or change the sale price on any chinchilla listed for sale at any 
  time.  All prices are subject to change until a deposit or the purchase price is paid. This can be due to juniors developing or changes perhaps in depth of 
- Payment can be made by cash or credit card via PayPal  NO CHECKS.  Chinchillas will not be released without proof of car air conditioning when temps are 
  over 60 degrees and you must use a carrier to transport home (provided by you unless otherwise noted on the sale page with your chinchilla). 
- Sale agreements should be made in writing via email or hard copy postal mail, so there can be no misunderstandings and invoices will be sent confirming
  receipt/sale of chinchillas via email.  Please feel free to call as emails can also be a difficult way to express yourself.  
- Prices are not final until a deposit is received.  AcornHill is under no obligation to "Hold" a chinchilla until a deposit is received.  Chinchillas may be
  held for a reasonable amount of time, decided at time of purchase, with a 50% non-refundable deposit (refundable "no questions" within the first 48 hours
  of receipt in like form, once payment clears).  If without prior written agreement, the buyer does not pick up within the agreed upon time-line (i.e. you were
  to come on Saturday and did not show or call), buyer will fore fit deposit.  Consideration for special circumstance would be taken into consideration.  I will
  let you know if there are others currently inquiring about the same animal you are.  Deposits will be refunded or credit on another chinchilla (your choice)
  should your chinchilla become unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances like injury.
- All chinchillas are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of pickup.  You are responsible for checking your chinchilla at the time of pickup.  All sales are final
  once the chinchilla has left my property. 
- I do not ship chinchillas.  All chinchillas must be picked up on-site (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY) and come with feed, dust, and treat. 
  Feed is also available for sale. Cages may be available; however please confirm availability prior to coming. 
- We retain the right to refuse a sale on any grounds.
- We strive to breed to the highest requirements.  I am very open about any faults my chinchillas have.  All show and brood quality chinchillas are guaranteed 
  not to have a disqualification (brood animals may have DQs obtained due to age or breeding - these will be listed in writing) at time of sale/pickup,.   Please
  be responsible for checking over the animal you are picking up for faults.  As an example photos can be misleading - I had a rabbit picked up - planned for a
  siamese sable and the rabbit was definitely a seal.  While I had no problem with the color, as it did compliment my show breeding program,the price was for 
  show quality which seal was not. 
AcornHill Ranch is changing it's name to 
Kismet Chins

While I love the name AcornHill Ranch since we no longer have our ranch in east Texas with the oak trees, horses, goats and llamas I've decided to name the chins after my art studio.

New website will be coming soon and this site will stay up with a link for "awhile".