It's with sad hearts that we announce that our "Rocki" has joined Tenshi and Tali.  He had been having an increasingly difficult time since last summer and while we miss him we understand his not wanting to face another Texas summer.   Goodby sweet boy...wishing you an extra soft cushion and cool breezes.
Ch. Chataqua's Sensation at Gryffyns Aeyrie, JC FCh or "Rocki" (conformation and field champion) while being able to walk faster then some of us run, he still loves scratches and his place on the couch, but "beware" fast moving anything.  Rocki is co-owned with his breeder Lynn.When Katrina happened (2005) there were many 100s of dogs left to rescues.  Greg and I decided there was no reason not to adopt one (not like we didn't have the room at the time) so I contacted of Feb that year they already had over a 100 pyr go thru the Dallas area rescue!   So Wally came to stay in 2006 at the age of 2+yrs. Wally loves people and protecting everything (but since we don't let our dogs run loose he's limited to protecting the rabbits when we're not home - although we haven't decided if he's protecting them or visa versa during thunderstorms!)
When I lost Pasta my japanese chin to a heart attack, so unexpectedly I was lost - she was both my friend and a wonderful therapy dog.   That year I attended an agililty trial with some friends (big dog friends) and we all laughed as the tiny chi and the huge borzoi went around the course.  I've never thought of chi as being a breed I'd be interested in but after talking to the president of the chi club ... well as you see we have Mia  -  the average dog at our place is 80#s and Mia is a short-coated chocolate chihuahua, and weighs about 4lbs!  
This is LB our Brussels Griffon - there's just only one way to describe this lil "man" - endearing...he will push his way into your heart along with his tush against your feet for a "tush rub".